Ref noP.Hen
TitleRecords of the Anglican parish of St Mary the Virgin, Henbury, Bristol
Date1463 - 1976
DescriptionAlso includes some material relating to the daughter Church of St Mark's, Brentry and some of the baptisms recorded in the registers relate to St. John, Hallen.

Collection includes: Registers; Incumbent; Churchwardens; Vestry; Parochial Church Council; Overseers of the Poor; Charities; Statutory Deposits; Schools; Societies; Printed material; Plans and photographs; Miscellaneous

Notes on Henbury Charities included in the parish collection: Henbury Parish Collection contains records of 12 different charities. The records of three of these (the Church Lands, Edmond's and Cole's, Sandford's and Gray's) have tended to become intermingled over the years. Thus although the parish deposit contains the bulk of the Church Lands Charity records (P.Hen/Ch/1) some items are to be found amongst the records of Edmond's and Cole's (35749 (138-144, 149). Because of the Church Lands feoffees' concern with the maintenance of the church, some items listed here under Churchwardens and relating to the church fabric (especially early 19th century items in P.Hen/ChW/5) may in fact be records of the feoffees.
The Parish Collection contains the Letters Patent of 1627 and a few miscellaneous items relating to Edmond's and Cole's Charity although the majority of its records are in a separate deposit (35749).
A group of Sandford's and Gray's records in the Parish Collection, including vouchers and nominations of trustees, dovetails into the deposit (37268) made by the chairman of their trustees.
In addition to his educational charity Robert Sandford made a bequest for bread to be distributed on St Thomas's day, which with other charitable gifts is comprised within the Benefaction Account.
The Aust register 1709-1812 mentioned in the guide to Bristol and Gloucester parish records (p53) has not been found. The Henbury registers do not duplicate the first Aust register but thereafter (c1672 onwards) Henbury registers include Aust entries which are not necessarily indicated as such eg burial of Luke Astry 7th May 1701 recorded as buried at Aust whereas Samuel Astry 22nd September 1704 not recorded as buried at Aust but according to Rudder he was.It is probable that in fact there was no logical system and the second Aust register entries were at times duplicated in that of Henbury.
Administrative historyThe Chapelry of Aust was in the parish of Henbury until 1954 when it was transferred to the parish of Olveston.The Chapelry of St. Thomas, Northwick was in the parish of Henbury until 1954 when it was transferred to the parish of Pilning. The chapel there was closed in 1962.The church of St. John the Evangelist at Hallen was a daughter church of Henbury, consecrated in 1854. The parish of St. Edyth Sea Mills was created out of Henbury parish in 1929.
Access statusOpen
Access conditionsThese records are immediately available for research, except P.Hen/Sch/6(b) which is closed until 51 years old
Arrangement[To allow for the large number of documents within several groups the usual system of subgrouping by letter, e.g. P.Hen/R/1(a) has been replaced in some groups by the use of further numbers, e.g. P.Hen/Ch/1/2]
Related materialThe parish records of Aust are listed separately but there is some Aust material in the records of Henbury parish, especially in P.Hen/ChW/6. There is some Northwick material in the records of Henbury parish, especially in P.Hen/ChW/6. See P.Hen/ChW/7.
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