Ref noP.AS/D/HS/C/9
Alt ref no/m)
TitleCovenant. Cyrograph.
DescriptionNovember 17
This endenture made betwene Alson' Chestre of Brystowe, wydowe, sumtyme wyf of Harry Chestre of Brystowe, Draper, on the oon' partie, and' Stephen' Morgan' of Brystowe, Carpynter, on the other partie:
Witnesseth' that the seide Stephen' hath' covenaunted' with' the same Alice and hym byndeth' by thise presentes to make wele, werkmanly and surely, of good' tymbre and bordys, a newe hows in the high strete of Brystowe; with' flores, wyndowes, dorrys and partesons, and all' other thyngis of tymbre werk belangyng to the same hows, excepte latthes and latyces.
Whiche seide newe hows shalbe sette betwene the tenement called' the Bull' on the oon partie, and' the tenement in whiche oon' John' a Cork', Corviser, now dwelleth yn' on the other partie; conteynyng' in length' xix fote and v ynches of assise, and in wydnes x fote and iiij ynches.
And the seide Stephen' shall' make in the seid' howse a shop'; a hall' above the same, with' an oryell'; a Chambre above the hall', with an oryell'; and a nother Chambre above that; by the feste of Annunciacion' of oure lady nexte commyng'.
For whiche hows soo to be made by the same Stephen', the seide Alson' graunteth', and hir byndeth' by this present, to paye unto the seide Stephen' vj. li. xiij. s. iiij. d. sterling': that is to sey, atte feste of the Natyvitee of our' lorde nexte commyng', iij. li.; atte ffloryng' of the seid' hows, xxxiij. s. iiij. d.; and atte ende of the same werk, xl s.
Also hit ys accorded' that hit shalbe lefull' to the same Stephen' to have and take as his owne all' the oold' tymbre of the seid' oold' hows, with'out any geyneseyeng of the same Alson' or any other for hir or in hir name.
It witnes wherof the parties forseid' to thise endentures entrechaungeably have sette their seales.
Yeven' the xvij daye of the moneth' of November in the xij yere of the reigne of Kynge Edward' the fourthe. Hardynge.
Not witnessed.
Seal: one merchant's, incomplete.
Endorsed: [as before] the high strett next the bull. [A] particulars and date.
Access statusOn loan for display in M Shed
Custodial historyNote: this deed had come into private hands, and was given to Bristol Archives Office, in a double-side frame, in August 1965. It had been for three generations in the family of the donor, who had given the Office a photostat.
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