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AuthorPresumed to be the company itself
TitleRedcliffe Hill Shot Tower
DescriptionPresumably made by Sheldon, Bush and Patent Shot Company who own the tower.

Video detailing the lead-shot making process including brief history of the tower, owned by Sheldon, Bush and Patent Shot Co.

Opens with shots from the lift going up the new tower. Then workmen drinking beer at the top.
Narrator in person explains they are building the new tower because the old tower on Redcliffe Hill has to be demolished to make way for the widening of the road [Redcliffe Hill with traffic is shown]. This house was originally the home of William Watts, a plumber working on Redcliffe church 200 years ago with a dream that he would make lead shot by pouring molten lead from a height and collecting it in a bucket of water. He built a tower on top his house and a deep well to undertake this process, which continues today.

Lead ingots are winched to the top of tower. At the top the lead is melted. It is poured out and passes through sieves along the length of the tower. Hardened shots then put into small trucks. Shot is poured onto a warmed sloping tray to dry it then it is wheeled into a sorting chamber. Shovelled through sieve into box. Cups on conveyer belt take them up to glass sorting sheets. Boxes taken by fork lift and poured into polishing drum. Scooped into bags, weighed and secured.

It is still the cheapest way to produce lead shot and still requires a tower 140ft high to produce an article with a diameter of less than a hundredth of an inch.
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