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TitleRecords of the Southwell, de Clifford and related families
DescriptionThis collection contains mostly legal, financial and estates records for a number of inter-woven families, including material relating to the Kingsweston estate.

John de Coussemaker (sometimes spelt de Coussmaker, or simply Coussmaker) was originally from Ghent and naturalised as an English subject in 1706. Evert George Coussemaker (possibly his son) apparently took over from him in the mid-18th century. They appeared to act on behalf of a number of clients in a business capacity.

Edward Southwell (1738-1777) successfully claimed the title Baron de Clifford in 1776, becoming the 20th Baron. The title passed, on his death, to his son Edward (1767-1832) who became the 21st Baron. He died childless, and the title was in abeyance until claimed by his niece, Sophia (1791-1874) in 1833, who became the 22nd Baroness, the title having been created to pass down the female as well as the male line. Sophia's parents were George Kien Coussemaker and Catherine Southwell (daughter of the 20th baron and sister of the 21st Baron)

The Kien family may have been related to the Coussmaker family.
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