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TitleRecords of Bristol Lunatic Asylum/Glenside Hospital
Date1845 - 1993
DescriptionThe collection consists of the administrative records, financial records and management records of the institution. The collection also includes medical (clinical) records for patients treated at there.

Please note that as public records the hospital administrative records are subject to a closure period of 20 years. Medical records are subject to a closure period of 100 years from the date of the final entry in the record under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please see the 'Access Restrictions' field at item level for information on access to individual records.
Administrative historyBy an Act of 1845 for the provision and regulation of lunatic asylums and the maintenance and care of pauper lunatics in England, the City Council was authorised to exercise the powers first conferred on the Justices of the Peace. The latter in 1846 appointed a committee of visitors of the Lunatic Asylum and in the same year the duties were transferred to the Council. In 1930 it became known as the Mental Hospital Visiting committee. It was dissolved by virtue of Section 7B of the National Health Service Act, 1946.

Bristol Lunatic Asylum was opened at Fishponds in 1861 to alleviate the problems created by the overcrowded state of St.Peter's Hospital, which was up until that point the city's lunatic asylum as well as its workhouse. It was taken over by the War Office in 1915 and was known as the Beaufort War Hospital until 1919 when it was reconverted for civilian use. A convalescent hostel and clinic at Grove Road, Redland, was created in 1932 and Barrow Hospital was opened in 1939 to take the overspill of patients from Fishponds (now named Bristol Mental Hospital).

In 1960 it was renamed Glenside Hospital which it remained until its closure in 1992, when the patients were moved to the adjacent Manor Park Hospital site, itself being renamed Blackberry Hill Hospital.
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