Ref no33041/BMC
TitleOriginal listing of Bristol Municipal Charities records
DescriptionThe Bristol Municipal Charities collection was originally listed under references beginning 33041/BMC but was re-catalogued 2016-2018 following the receipt of several further large deposits and the BMC part of the reference is no longer used. Items were moved to new categories under the reference 33041 so that schools, charities, almshouses and overall records were more obviously arranged. Previous reference numbers will be found in the 'AltRefNo' field.

The class-level entries for 33041/BMC/1-14 have been retained in order to signpost users who have old reference numbers towards the newly numbered items. Please note that items under 33041/BMC/12 (photographs and plans) remain catalogued under that reference due to the difficulties faced in renumbering items of that sort, and their use in external reference websites including Know Your Place.
ArrangementThe original arrangement was as follows: BMC/1 Trinity Hospital; BMC/2 Foster's Almshouse; BMC/3 Bristol Grammar School; BMC/4 Queen Elizabeth's Hospital; BMC/5 Rev Dr Thomas White's Charities; BMC/6 Alderman John Whitson's Charities [including Red Maids School]; BMC/7 Loan Money; BMC/8 Miss Mary Ann Peloquin's Charity; BMC/9 Alderman John Merlott's Charity; BMC/10 Alderman Henry Bengough's Charity; BMC/11 Corporation of Bristol; BMC/12 Trustees of the Bristol Municipal Charities; BMC/13 Dispensaries; BMC/14 Mary Carpenter Memorial
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